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Equip the

Family-Centered Coaching

Equip the Family  *  Empower the Child  *  Transform the Community

Schools and Organizations reach out when they are seeking to...

Coach families on life balance to get their students to school on time  


Help families overcome depressive behaviors by creating a vision for  personal and academic growth

Engage caregiver in their student's education

Coach caregivers on how to parent their children in a loving way

Help families follow through with using community resources

Reach organization goals through the transformation of families

Decrease stress within the organization by empowering families

Coaching as an Empowerment Tool

Challenges Faced by Families

  • Need for encouragement and guidance - feelings of inadequacy

  • Non-English speaking caregivers - struggling to adapt to a new culture and way of life.

  • Stress due to learning and/or physical disabilities of a child or someone in the home.

  • Single parenting

  • Financial difficulty

  • Lack of parenting skills

  • Poor living situations

  • Depression

  • Paralyzed by a crisis

  • Limited education

  • Homelessness

  • Relationship difficulties

  • Health challenges

  • Grand Family - grandparents raising the next generation

  • Jobs with difficult hours that do not allow parents to become involved in their child's education.

How is coaching provided to overcome these challenges?

Family Group Workshops

The workshops focus on creating a system of support, developing strategic plans, identifying values and strengths, understanding personal responsibility, and establishing realistic goals. Workshops are topic-driven and can be customized to the needs/desires of the organization. Participating families are provided with take-home materials/tools, and the opportunity for a private 1-hour session with the coaching concerning the workshop. Workshops can be provided in English or Spanish.

Available Workshops:

  • Establishing a Circle of Support 

Private Family Coaching

For families who need one on one sessions in order to specifically address home dynamics that are affecting the child academically. The school will address the family in partnership with Taylor-ing Your LIfe. Coaching materials/tools will be provided. Accountability follow-ups between sessions are included. 

Please reach out for pricing and more information.

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