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Mission Statement

Equip adults impacting children with clear strategies to optimize positive discipline, community resources, and achieve work-life fulfillment. So that children can reach academic goals and are empowered to build thriving communities.

About Us


  • To help women battling depressive symptoms due to the hardships of life, to get back on their feet again and achieve life-changing goals. 


  • To bring transformation to the lives of children by coaching the caregiver to overcome personal obstacles affecting their children academically.


  • To equip parents and educators to channel stress and minimize negative responses towards the child due to the child's negative intense behaviors.

Taylor-ing Your Life was founded to meet 3 objectives.


Mountains are conquered one step at a time!

Meet the Coach:

Hello!  I am Janice Taylor,


A wife to a great husband, a mom to two awesome sons, and the founder of Taylor-ing Your Life. I love being outdoors, going on trips, especially to the beach, and hiking with my loved ones. I am a problem-solver at heart, and I enjoy inspiring individuals to achieve life-changing goals.


Throughout my growth journey, I discovered a deep passion for Life Coaching. Despite facing varying levels of depression during significant transitional moments, such as pursuing a college degree, getting married, having children with learning differences, and changing careers, I was determined to find answers to take control of my life. I was motivated by the desire to provide my children with a better future and academic success.


As I look back on my journey of overcoming depression, raising children with diverse learning styles, and transitioning to a new career, I am grateful for the programs that helped me to let go of enabling beliefs and provided guidance in helping me to discover my identity, values, purpose, and strengths. Through my personal growth and transformation, I have seen the positive impact it has had on those closest to me. My children have become more empowered to make choices that lead to academic success, my husband and I have grown stronger as partners in raising our family, and my friends and family have also taken steps toward improving their own quality of life. My experiences have inspired me to share my journey with others, in the hopes that they too can experience personal transformation in their own lives, within their families, and in their careers.


With a strong desire to assist others to thrive, I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Psychology - Life Coaching from Liberty University. I am also a certified trainer for the Nurtured Heart Approach®, in which I coach others on how to take intense behaviors and transform them into positive outcomes.  These credentials have equipped me with the essential skills to assist individuals in transforming challenging behaviors into positive outcomes. With my expertise, I am confident in my ability to provide valuable support to those seeking to improve their lives.

Life & Parent Coach/ NHACertifiedTrainer

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