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Nurtured Heart Approach®­

The Nurtured Heart Approach® is a method established by Howard Glasser in 1992 that enables individuals to harness their emotions and use them to achieve positive results. This approach can be used by parents, caregivers, educators, and professionals to redirect intense energy constructively. This powerful method teaches individuals to focus on positive behaviors and transform their interactions with children. For more information click on the brochure.


Why the Nurtured Heart Approach(NHA)?

Not a technique but a method with proven results

Transforms negative intensity in all individuals regardless of age

It is Cost-effective, no need to buy incentives

It is proven to be effective with children who have challenges related to ADD, ADHD, Autism, Adoption, ODD, PTSD and other social behavioral intensities.

Changes the behavior and impacts the learning outcome


The approach is simple to implement

Professionals will improve their quality of worklife by decreasing stress as they channel their intense emotions 


Training and Cost

Young Teacher




Staff/Volunteer Training


Session Options:

  • 3 hr training

  • 6 hr training

  • 6 weeks of training, 2 hours each.

  • Training is tailored to the needs of the organization.

  • The sessions are interactive with opportunities to practice NHA as a team and receive feedback.

  • Participants are provided with follow-up support sessions in which they can seek guidance, extra practice, encouragement, and share experiences. 

  • Sessions can be provided in person or via Zoom.

Reach out for pricing!

Group therapy


Group / Private


Families/ Caregivers/ Professionals

Session Options and Cost:


  1. ​"Growing Greatness Intro"

In this 90-minute interactive Zoom session, participants will learn how to redirect negative behaviors by applying the 3 Stands.

Stand 1: Absolutely No!

Stand 2: Absolutely Yes!

Stand 3: Absolutely Clear!

Click for Free Intro Workshop 

   2. "Greatness Boot Camp"

Six-week interactive training, 90 minutes long each, via Zoom. This session is for those individuals who want to experience more practice and receive feedback as they exercise NHA.

  • $300 per person

  • $350 per couple within the same home

   3.​ Private 6-Week Coaching

Support Group

12 Week



Caregiver or Professional

Session & Cost:

  • Participants are guided to effectively utilize NHA.

  • Opportunity to communicate with the coach through email and text between coaching sessions. 

  • 60 minute session.

  • Personalized coaching will also be provided to ensure that each participant maximizes their learning experience. 

  • 12 Week Training:

  1. Set goal and Intention

  2. Introduction to NHA

  3. How to Build Inner Wealth

  4. Defining Stand 1

  5. Defining Stand 2

  6. Providing Recognition

  7. Defining Stand 3

  8. Setting Clear Rules

  9. How to Self-Regulate

  10. Creating a Healthy Reset

  11. How to Co-Regulate

  12. Developing Next Steps

  • Sessions via Zoom. 

  • $1200

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